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€80 Car Service. Exposed!

Some say its a total scam, false advertising or even a gimmick, but at the very least it is misleading, designed to make you book a service by appealing to your innate hope that you may just get a bargain!

demonstrating that cheap work ain't good
There is always someone willing to do it cheaper

The reason I’m telling you this is because of the increasing amount of enquiries I’m getting about €80 car services. The short answer is we don’t do them! In reality they don’t exist. So why are they increasingly used by some garages?

Firstly, the word ‘service’ is used in these headline ads. That in itself is a complete misnomer, because what they are actually offering is quite simply an oil change and maybe an oil filter. The quality of the very basic products on offer will undoubtedly be inferior, (cheap ‘n’ nasty) but it leaves room for the service advisor to peddle The Upsell.

Wait for it, here comes the crux of the €80 Car Service!

 The Upsell 

This is the way a Garage tries to make extra money on a simple oil change.
They will prepare a long list of potential maintenance fixes with various urgency ratings attached, like ‘Needs Immediate Attention’ or ‘Needs Attention within the Next few Weeks’, etc. I have even heard of people being told that ‘your car is in a dangerous condition and we would be negligent if we allow you to drive it away’, insisting that the repair goes ahead immediately. Sounds slightly coercive to me!
Vehicle manufacturers recommend routine maintenance intervals. How can you be sure that the Garage is not taking advantage of you? – By checking your maintenance intervals in your owner’s manual. Keep in mind that these are recommendations, different conditions may affect vehicles differently.
Keep records of your car’s maintenance schedule so that no mechanic will take advantage of you. Knowledge is power.

I will conclude by saying an €80 car service is a bit of a con. At the very least I would consider it to be Sharp Practice. That is why we do not indulge. Even if it’s just an oil change, it sounds too cheap for decent oil and filters. Don’t believe me? Price the parts yourself, then employ a mechanic (a time-served qualified mechanic –  Bolton Street, not Mountjoy) to do the work and then dispose of the oil properly (ecologically) so that it doesn’t end up in the Camac or worse.
There is a reason it is said that “ Good work ain’t cheap and cheap work ain’t Good!’
If somebody offers unusually cheap work, you just know in your heart and soul that you will pay the price for it somewhere along the way.

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