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When it comes to Engine Performance, maintaining the factory performance for your vehicle is key. At Clondalkin Auto Clinic, our aim is ensure best vehicle performance and economy by keeping the engine in your car performing at the same standards as the manufacturer intended. If your car is one of the major automotive brands, it has been painstakingly designed to function at the same level as the first time the key was turned. By pushing your engine beyond that, other unintended issues can occur such as unwanted wear and tear on other parts of your car. This can cost a lot of money in the long-term and decrease the value of your car.

Maintaining Car Engine Performance

When a vehicle’s engine is well-maintained, the engine can perform really well even with high-mileage. How do you ensure maximum engine performance and engine efficiency? By investing in regular maintenance and inspections. To optimize your engine performance, it’s critical that you regularly:

  • Have your oil changed. This is important. Oil is the lifeblood of your car and integral to engine performance.
  • Change the air filter as needed, we can easily check this during your interim service.
  • Have your spark plugs replaced according to vehicle manufacturer recommendations.
  • Make sure there is the recommended air pressure in your tyres. This affects your fuel economy and vehicle safety.
  • Maintain proper wheel alignment. This affects tyre life, ride stability and also affects your fuel economy.
  • Pay attention to your vehicle gauges and dashboard warning lights. If a check engine light is on, get your car diagnosed.
  • Get regular brake checks and interim services from Clondalkin Auto Clinic.

Another part of maintaining engine performance and engine efficiency is not engaging in bad habits. For example:

  • Don’t drive on an empty tank.
  • Don’t unnecessarily rev your engine while the car’s in neutral.
  • Don’t accelerate hard when the engine is still cold and has not reached normal operating temperatures.
  • Don’t put-off having your car regularly service at recommended intervals.
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